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Fashion Prints… the fashion trend 2012 !


Did you read our fashion blog on our body types….we only mentioned 4, but there are variations to them all.


So you know,  that judging by your body type you need to watch the scale of the beautiful fashion trends in prints  that are coming out into  the fashion boutiques … February!  It’s total fantasy.



Is the bolder print better? designers seem to think so. Looking at the colors for 2012 ,  the fashion trend and the kaleidoscope of prints, we’re looking at a very bright spring and summer.



Me, I’m planning on taking just  one element and incorporating it into my spring wardrobe.  I would like to  find pieces that suit my personality and make me feel chic and stylish. It could be a simple classic shift dress to a dazzling floral print feminine blouse… or I might even go for a pantsuit all in one fashion print… I’m 5’3 so it’s going to have to be a pretty small print.



The Fashion prints out this year can be either challenging or charming, depending on how you look at them.


This seasons lineup:


Lace and sheer for the romantics.


Clever animal prints  of swans and geese and birds perched on shoulders… that’s a fashion print !


Pailsey’s … think swirls on scarf-print blouses and bathing suits.


Bold stripes,  reminiscent of yachting club attire.


Vibrant floral-inspired, pretty petals and flowers.


Ethnic Navajo graphics that make you want to go to the desert. Find a great one on our Oxford Blouse fashion blog.


Art inspired prints, twisted and faded by graphic manipulation.


Polka dots in very imaginable size and color.


Menswear traditional houndstooth and chevrons are enlarged to create unique black & white patterns.


Retro’s … think Gatsby and flapper.


Ornamental designs…   looks like embroidery etched into them.


And, have you seen the new Longchamp purses. The new ones that have Asian temples, flower parades and modern architecture, as Mary Katrantzou says ” We almost create a fantasy world”.



BIG TIP:  take one that really inspires you, looks good on you and stick to it for the season. I’ve been told that fitigues on florials are very chic, so if you have them in your closet, try it out.  KIS!


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