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What A Customer Wants


Welcome to the era of the customer that wants to tell you all. Shoppers are more willing to tell you everything and share their personal lives with you.

Fashion Whistle is here to help the small shops seriously shift their perspective on how social channels can help keep communication channels between themselves and their clientele open. How we engage with our members is what keeps them interested. Research, image branding and customer service impact every single aspect of your business, it elevates your customers from being a casual looker to a loyalist, because we're building a relationship.


  • Customers are looking for a more personalized and efficient shopping venue and this is GOOD! A survey came out with 61% willing to share names/ address/ emails and 59% their lifestyle habits. These are things that are important to you as a retailer.



  • Customers do not want to sift through everything to find what they are looking for, they want those trends at their fingertips. Time is valuable and they want to use it wisely and efficiently.


  • Customers are still shopping for the best price in a timely manner.


  • Customer shopping habits are showing an improvement with the economy slowly rebounding.


  • Customers are still reluctant to part with that hard earned dollar,they want their monies worth.


  • Customers still want to go to their local boutiques for that small shop feel and the unique items.


And technology can do that by tailoring the specific and unituq message to the shoppers. With the information that we get from our members we're hoping to help retailers understand their target audiences better and more effectively and focus around the promotions that their audiences are looking for.


Fashion Whistle connects it's members to the boutiques and empowers it's members to have the best shopping experience possible.


While the store experience will remain important for many shoppers, it's a far cry from the role it once enjoyed when a physical store was the only place where a merchant and customer could connect. 

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