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What exactly does "Fashion Whistle" do?

It's really QUITE simple. Fashion Whistle empowers woman like you, looking for that very special fashion item in your local community. We match promotions from boutiques in your community with what you want. We then notify you via email or text ( our smartphone APP is coming soon)  when it's available, with the boutique contact information. We will even notify notify you when there are grand opening's, special events and other goings on in your local fashion boutiques.

How do you know what I want?

Upon signing up and entering the website, you will be directed to your SELECTION PAGE to make your  fashion selections. Make as many selections as you want and hit the submit button. It's that simple. We will store you fashion preferences and when there is a match with a local boutique, you will be notified by email and text.

Who is Fashion Whistle?

We are a national company dedicated to supporting local community based woman's fashion boutiques. We believe in empowering woman , who have busy lives and their time is precious. We are dedicated to notifying you, when and only if your fashion preferences match promotions in your community. No excess emails or excessive texts. Just quality "whistles" only when you want them.

I am traveling or vacationing away from home, can you notify me of local promotions in another city?

Absolutely, You just go to your account page and change it to the city you are visiting. It's that simple and you will receive our "whistle" for your new location. If the city is not listed, please complete our contact page and make your recommendations. If we have other cities in your local we will let you know about them. We are always wanting to hear from our members about their recommendations.

Do you only have fashion boutiques that have promotions?

No, we can also notify you of promotions at woman oriented cafes, sports shopts, bridal shops and services such as photographers. Take a look at the dropdowns. We are always looking for ideas of interests specifically to women in the communities. So send us your recommendations. Please use our contact page or

How do I become a member?

All you have to do is enter your information on our LANDING PAGE at and sign up with your zip code, e-mail address, if you want a text make sure to enter your cell phone number. Then go to our Member Selection page where YOU select the merchandise and fashions you are interested in. We notify you by email or text when, where and who is having a promotion.

What is a whistle?

A "whistle" is our means of communicating with you. It is our ALERT to you.  Our "whistle" is also our logo, so when you see a store with a seal containing our logo, you will know that they are certified to send you promotions.. 

Do I pay for a whistle?

No, our "whistle"  our alert is Free to YOU, there is no cost OR obligation.

What obligations am I under to use fashion whistle once I sign up?

None, and we are sure after your first few "whistles" you, will be curious about the boutiques in your community, that you never noticed and want to find out more about them.

I want a "Fashion Whistle", how do I get it?

Just sign up from our LANDING PAGE  at   and your on your way. Visit a certified boutique.

How do "whistles" get to MY phone?

When you sign up, select the cell phone number option and enter your cell number. We will automatically place you number into our Member database, with your selections. You will be notified when there is a promotion for the items you are looking for.

I deleted my "whistle", where can I find it again?

You will need to create another whistle and reenter your contact information and fashion preferences.

Can I go to the website and find the promotions without having to be notified?

Yes, all promotions are listed on the website under their specific Fashion catagories and sub-catagories. You can also see upcoming promotions and be the first in your community to visit the boutiques, only from "Fashion Whistle.

How often do I get the "whistle"?

When you sign up for your selections, one of the options is how often you would like to be "whistled" or alerted. We're empowering you to make that decision.

What type of boutiques and shops are you offering on the website?

Our boutiques and shops vary from one community to another, but are always in local shopping area's that are interesting and charming. Examples of locations we love are Mizner Park in Boca Raton, FL, Cherry Creek North in Colorado, Buckhead in Atlanta, and Santa Barbara in California.... plus many other small community shopping area's.  We are all about shopping local in our communities.

How do I add a recommendation to a store I Love?

If you have community boutiques that you love, tell us why and we will contact them see if they would like to join our team. Please let us know by using the, our comment page  or comment on our blog page at  about them. We love to discover new areas.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

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